At Love You Live Happy, we're not about being the thinnest, the fittest or the fastest. We're not going to put you on a juice cleanse, or make you train for an ultra-marathon (unless that's what you want!). We're about helping you find the health balance that's right for you. Looking at your lifestyle, priorities and goals to integrate realistic and sustainable health changes into your every day. 


A Health Coach works with you to look at all aspects of your lifestyle and help you set goals and identify health solutions to support your objectives.

Whether your goal is weight loss, weight gain, more sleep, reducing stress, better gut health or building a stronger immune system, at Love You Live Happy, we work with you to find a way to achieve this that fits into your already busy lifestyle.

At Love You Live Happy, we believe in the individual, there is no "one size fits all" approach to health, and we take a positive, holistic approach to support all of our clients to achieve their goals. We will work with you to identify these goals, develop ways to achieve them, from nutritional guidance, looking at how to build exercise in to your busy schedule, mindset reprogramming, motivations and self-belief - because above all, health begins in the mind. 

For this reason, we have developed the "4 foundations of health" methodology. Nutrition, movement, and rest all contribute to your health, but it is the mind, which controls the level of success you can achieve. 

Feeling really positive and motivated to make changes after our first session... thanks for the support
— Becky
I love the friendly and personal service... thanks Jean
— Clare

A Health Coach is trained to guide you into achieving your health goals through coaching techniques and suggesting lifestyle changes which have worked for others. Guidance from a Health Coach should not replace that from a medical professional. You should discuss any changes to your diet or exercise regime with a qualified GP before introducing.