Keeping motivated when all you want to do is eat chocolate and watch Loose Women.

So as I sat down to write my blog, my fitness tracker just buzzed at me to “move!” – typical! I actually have just been downstairs watching Loose Women – but no chocolate just yet!

Keeping motivated to get up and exercise, eat well, mediate or do whatever it is you need to keep sane, can be tricky sometimes. We all go through phases when we just don’t feel like it, when just getting out of bed and functioning is enough of a challenge. So here are my tips for keeping going when life gets too much….

1.       Make a plan – it’s so important to have something scheduled in which is helping you towards your goals.

2.       Visualise – whatever plan you have, keep it somewhere you can see it! Put post-it notes on the fridge, reminders on your phone, a schedule on the back of the door – whatever works for you.

3.       Tell someone - make sure you’ve shared your intentions with a family member or friend, or better yet, get someone else on board too.

4.       Help others – can you find a way to help others which will also in turn help you – making a commitment to others is a great way of committing to yourself.

5.       Be honest and kind to yourself – listen to your body and what it’s going through – if you honestly need a rest, it’s OK. The best way to keep motivated it to keep enjoying something – if you’re not enjoying it, make a change.

Now I’m off to clear my fitness tracker, get the steps up a little more, and maybe find my way to the chocolate cupboard!