"Your body is the most precious gift you've been given - take care of it" 

And with your body, comes your mind. It's the mantra I live by. It probably didn't occur to me until I was in my late 20s, but it's now every bit of me; everything I do, everything I am, is because of this. 

I'm Jean, and I founded Love You Live Happy because I wanted to help people make positive changes to their health, with the ultimate goal of living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. With a strong interest in health & wellbeing for many years, and actively coaching & mentoring in a corporate environment since 2009, I came to a realisation that I could do more to help people live healthier and happier lives. 

I'm quite different to any other Health Coach you might find. Firstly, I won't put you on a gruelling personal training regime, or extreme fast; I look at your entire lifestyle, and together we make a plan that is sustainable and will fit in with your other commitments. And secondly, and most importantly - I really believe in the power of cake - if you like the cake, and want the cake, then eat the cake! Just understand the impact it may have on you, your body and ultimately your goals. 

Whatever you've tried, I've probably tried it too! I've worked out hard, slept too little and eaten nowhere near enough, sacrificed time with my family and other priorities in pursuit of the "body beautiful" only to realise what I'd missed out on. 

I want to help other people to find their life balance. There's no need to sacrifice the things you enjoy, brunch with your family, a latte with your friend, because you think it'll make you unhealthy. Just balance it out.

Love Yourself, Live Happy. 

Jean holds a Diploma in Health Coaching with Distinction